Rural Health Disparities Lab Undergraduate Research Assistant

In the Rural Health Disparities (RHD) Lab, we conduct high-impact research on rural-urban and within rural health disparities in the US that have implications for policy, practice, and implementation. A key focus of the lab is on how place helps shape health outcomes. This includes accounting for differences in policy contexts, environmental exposures, built environments, economic contexts, and measures of rurality in explaining health disparities across place. To do this, we use spatial and multi-level modeling techniques of primary and secondary data. Current research activities in the RHD Lab are in the following interrelated topical areas:

  • Rural Population Health
  • Structural and Environmental Determinants of Rural Health
  • Health, Healthcare and the Built Environment
University Park
Work Setting(s): 
Description of undergraduate’s responsibilities: 

The Rural Health Disparities (RHD) Lab is currently recruiting Undergraduate Research Assistants (UGRAs). Undergraduate RAs can volunteer with the lab (minimum 4 hours per week) or receive credit via BBH 494 or honor's thesis credit. UGRAs typically assist with literature reviews and some data entry and data presentation tasks. There are pathways for UGRAs with strong writing skills to be coauthors on academic papers and research briefs.

Minimum Expectations: 

Students interested in joining the lab should have experience:

  • Conducting searches of peer-reviewed journal articles through LionSearch and Google Scholar
  • Writing literature reviews (strong writing skills are required)
  • Practicing professional and inclusive verbal and written communication
  • Following directions with special attention to detail
  • Meeting deadlines

Students with skills in Excel and ArcGIS are especially encouraged to apply. Students with interest in rural health/rural populations are strongly encouraged to apply.

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Posting Date: 
Friday, September 17, 2021
Last Updated: 
October 1, 2021
How to Contact: 

Students interested in joining the lab should complete and return to the RHD Lab UGRA Application, which can be found on the RHD Lab website. Questions can be directed to Dr. Rhubart (