2021 Undergraduate Exhibition

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Mitochondrial Metabolism Promotes Efficient Cell Migration and Adhesion in 2D and 3D Environments Owen Courtney Cancer cell metastasis relies on processes that consume large amounts of ATP, such as actomyosin contractility and the rapid cycling of actin monomers during rearrangements of the cytoskeleton. This would suggest that metabolic strategies that best support the energetic demands of a migrating cell could be a contributing factor in the invasion and metastasis of cancer cells. We explored limiting ATP generation by manipulating mitochondria directly with loss-of-function and mitochondria isolation and transfer experiments. Emily Bell 16246
Modeling Hydrological Performance of Rain Garden Design Scenarios across Pennsylvania Sophia Garito Rain gardens are green infrastructure features used to remove stormwater in urban areas and reduce the negative environmental impacts of surface water runoff. GIFMod was used to model the hydrological performance of residential rain gardens based on the predominant soil characteristics in regions of Pennsylvania. While rain garden hydrological performance varies depending on native soil, we found that Pennsylvania soils can often accommodate stormwater loading ratios much larger than those currently recommended. Lauren McPhillips 15452
Monitoring Equine and Rider Activity During Various Gaits with Actigraph Jenna Phillips

Equestrian riding involves three-gaits. The purpose was to objectively validate the accuracy of Actigraph-GT9X for the equine step-counts. One-minute interval data for each gait (walk, trot, and canter) while lunging the horse and riding was collected. Visually counted (N=1) pilot-study indicates the current step counting technology seem to be inaccurate for canter, and rider measurements are not a reliable indicator for horse-steps. Future work will investigate alternative methods to accurately identify equestrian gait and step-counts.

Praveen Veerabhadrappa 15623
Multisensory Emotion Perception and American Sign Language Proficiency Sydney Mingle Emotion recognition is crucial to communication, interpersonal skills, and empathy. ASL is a visual language that uses facial expressions and gestures to convey emotion, thus, exposure to ASL may improve perceptual abilities to better discriminate between emotions. This study compares recognition performance of ASL-users against non-ASL users in two sensory conditions. We hypothesize that ASL users will outperform the control group on the face task, but will show no advantage on the voice task. Kathryn Scherf 16141
Natural Products from soil samples in Pennsylvania have Bactericidal Properties against a Species of Bacteria that Causes Anthrax. Erin O'donnell Drug-resistant bacteria pose a serious global problem that requires urgent resolution through the discovery of new antibiotics. Extracts obtained from soil samples in Pennsylvania were tested for their antibacterial properties. Microbial inhibition assays identified natural products that killed Bacillus anthracis, a Gram-positive species of bacteria that causes Anthrax. These compounds inhibited translation in a similar manner to known antibiotics. The discovery of new compounds with antibacterial properties would help to fight infections from drug-resistant bacteria. John Alumasa 15845
Natural Products Isolated from Soil Samples in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania Show Promising Antibacterial Properties against the Bioterrorism Agent, Bacillus anthracis Annalee Schmidt Antibiotic-resistant bacteria continue to pose a significant threat to human health worldwide, and very few antibiotics have been recently discovered to combat this problem. In this research, three natural product extracts from soil samples were purified and analyzed for their antimicrobial properties. Preliminary data indicates that compounds AMS- EA-001, AMS-EA-002 and AMS-EM-003 kill Bacillus anthracis by inhibiting the essential protein synthesis pathway. Genome sequencing analysis of resistant mutants will be used to validate these results. John Alumasa 15864
No association between carrying the dopamine transporter (DAT) 9 allele and alcohol consumption in college students Anna Wickenheisser

This study investigated whether college students carrying the dopamine transporter (DAT) 9 allele have higher frequencies of alcohol consumption. There were no significant associations found between DAT genotype and alcohol consumption. Since prior studies found more alcohol use disorder symptoms over time in those carrying the DAT 9 allele, these findings indicate that DAT genotype may play a role in the negative effects of drinking alcohol and not the act of drinking itself.

Helen Kamens 15907
Nonlinear Ultrasonic Evaluation for the Characterization of Fracture Toughness in Steel Alloys Colin Williams Fracture toughness is a parameter for evaluating the quality of components including pipelines and pressure vessels. Because fracture toughness standards require destructive laboratory testing, they cannot be conducted in the field. Nonlinear ultrasonic evaluation presents a novel solution to non-invasively characterize fracture toughness. Ultrasonic testing is used to estimate the nonlinearity of steel samples. These samples were additionally tested destructively for toughness characteristics, with the aim to establish correlations between these destructive and nondestructive techniques. Parisa Shokouhi 15807
Organic Photoredox Cycloadditions under Confinement Cristina Craescu Inspired by the complexity and versatility of nature’s catalysts: enzymes, artificial biocatalysts have been of large interest for their applicability to non-natural syntheses. However, the limitations of these systems, such as substrate specificity, selectivity, and solubility, call for novel approaches. In this poster, we report the progress on developing single-chain polymer nanoparticles (SCNPs) as a modular, recyclable, and efficient class of catalysts for light-mediated [2+2] and [4+2] cycloadditions. Elizabeth Elacqua 16188
Osgood-Schlatter Disease as a Model for Studying Structure-Function Relationships in the Knee Joint Extensor Mechanism Anthony Mannarino A computer model of the knee was developed in MATLAB and used to better understand the impact of Osgood-Schlatter Disease on knee mechanics. This analysis revealed that as both patellar ligament and tibial tubercle length increase, quadriceps moment arm increases as well. In other words, the effect of O-S on the leverage of the quadriceps muscle is compounded by patella alta. Stephen Piazza 17492
Pennsylvanians's Support for Gun Control: Does Knowledge Influence Opinions? Tyler Frye

This project explores the characteristics of gun owners living in Pennsylvania and public perceptions of three different categories of gun control. Results indicate that most gun owners have received some form of training and take appropriate safety precautions. 1 in 4 gun owners reported using their firearms in self-defense at some point in their life. Participants showed support for legislation to keep guns away from dangerous people but opposed complete firearm bans.

Nathan Kruis 22376
Perceptions of Sex Crimes: Does Offender Gender Matter? Alicia Williams

This research isolates correlates of gender-based bias against female offenders and shows the significance that gender plays in sentencing female sexual perpetrators. Survey data, in addition to vignettes, include stigma scales adapted from Kruis and Choi (2020) and the Illinois Rape Myth Acceptance Scale from Payne et al. (1999). The scales were adapted to capture individual bias, rape myth beliefs, and gender-based stereotypes that influence the acceptance of sex offenders, specifically those with underage victims.

Nathan Kruis 22391
Phylogenetics of Globin Coupled Sensor Signalling in Pectobacterium carotovorum Lydia Jordache A specific globin coupled sensor (GCS) found in Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp carotovorum ("PccGCS") has been found to affect the motility and virulence of this plant pathogen. Through a bioinformatic approach, the role of globin coupled sensor signaling in motility was investigated. This approach compiled the use of genome neighborhood and sequence conservation analyses, molecular modeling and protein-protein docking simulations. As a result, the motility-related protein CheW was identified as having potential to bind PccGCS. Emily Weinert 15201
Potential Capabilities of the Different MOF MIL-53 Structures to Absorb Cannabinoids David Auerbeck

Metal organic framework materials (MOFs) are coordination polymers that vary in shape and size. With increasing availability, it is speculated MOFs can be synthesized capable of absorbing biomedically active substances, such as cannabidiol (CBD). Recently, cannabinoids have been decriminalized leading to a need for technology in identification and purification. From this investigation, MOF MIL-53(Al) will potentially absorb cannabinoids, while maintaining structural integrity through extraction. Theoretical calculations confirm this for different types of MIL-53(Al).

William Van Der Sluys 16125
Practicing Artists as Educators Julia Edelmann

This research project involves interviews with contemporary, practicing artists. The interviews give artists the opportunity to share their work, process, and inspiration. Future art students will have the opportunity to use these videos as an educational resource, and make art art inspired by these artists and their practice in the classroom.

Karen Keifer-Boyd 22437
Predicting Immunodominant Epitopes to Develop an Immuno-lateral Flow Assay for On-Farm Detection of Infectious Coryza in Chickens Gayatri Anil Infectious coryza is an economically challenging, contagious upper-respiratory infection in poultry caused by the bacterium Avibacterium paragallinarum. Conventional diagnostics require special media, access to molecular diagnostic equipment, and are time-consuming. To minimize spread of the infection, we seek to develop a highly sensitive and specific immuno-lateral flow assay (ILFA) for rapid, field-level diagnosis. This poster describes the initial steps in the ILFA development in which promising immunodominant epitopes of A. paragallinarum were identified. Bhushan Jayarao 16010
Predicting Relationship Satisfaction from Two Romantic Respect Scales Payton Holcomb We investigated which of two respect measures uniquely predicted relationship satisfaction.  Participants in romantic relationships completed measures of respect toward partner, love styles, and relationship satisfaction. Results found that Frei and Shaver’s (2002) respect measure contributed more unique variance to satisfaction than Hendrick and Hendrick’s (2002) and Frei and Shaver’s measure was a stronger predictor of relationship satisfaction than the six love styles. Significance of results to clinical settings and future research will be discussed.  Michelle Yarwood 15569
Progress on Characteristically Induced Proton-Irradiated 2DMs: A Compassed Review Joseph Razon

The surge of micro-thin two-dimensional materials (2DMs) provides a promising outlook on a wide variety of applications in radiation hard environments such as space radiation environment, high-altitude flights, and particle accelerators. They offer a relatively new set of unique chemical/physical attributes which includes bandgap tunability, chemical composition variation, and high Young’s modulus despite their atomically thin and light structure. This paper focuses on the review of the effects of proton-irradiation on MoS2, WSe2, and Graphene.

Burcu Ozden 16074
Proposed Mechanism for Conversion of 4-chloro-lysine into 4-chlor-allyl-l-lysine via BesC Carolyn Telfer The terminal alkyne amino acid β-ethynylserine (βes) is produced by Streptomyces cattleya (Sc). In our research, we sought to determine the mechanism for the conversion of 4-chloro-L-lysine into 4-chloro-allyl-L-lysine by the enzyme BesC on the pathway to βes. We coupled serial dilutions, varying iron, enzyme and substrate, with liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) for analysis. Our experimental results showed products for the complete BesC reaction coupled with the preceding enzyme in the pathway, BesD.   Joseph Bollinger 15966
Public Support for School Security Measures: An Analysis of Public Perceptions of School Security Measures and their Regional Variants among Pennsylvania Residents Mykala Mcgill and Rachel Kosaka

To date, no study has examined public perceptions of the four dominant types of school security measures--physical, interactionist, legalistic, and preparedness--documented in the scholarly literature. This study aims to fill this literary gap by assessing Pennsylvania residents’ (N=522) perceptions of school security measures and their racial and regional variants. The findings suggest that a majority of the public favor all types of mechanisms, but showed the most support for preparedness mechanisms.

Nathan Kruis 15922
Quorum Sensing Regulated sRNA impacts growth of Vibrio fischeri in different nutrient environments Abigail Palacios Vibrio fischeri is a marine bacterial symbiont that can regulate physiological traits through quorum sensing. Qrr1 is a quorum sensing regulated sRNA that functions in promoting motility and repressing bioluminescence at low cell density by degrading mRNA of LitR, a global regulator protein. Qrr1 expression has been shown to be repressed as the population grows but it is unknown if its function impacts growth physiology in different nutrient environments, which this project aims to uncover.  Timothy Miyashiro 16056
Racial influence on prevalence of Endometriosis Neila Raveen The project looks at the racially differential rates of diagnoses of endometriosis. I consider factors that can affect a woman's access to healthcare as well as different biases. The biases include social, publication, and biological biases that can explain why both Black and Hispanic women experience lower rates of diagnosis compared to White women and why Asian women experience a later time of diagnosis than White women do. Kristal Tucker 15878
Reading Louise Erdrich’s “The Red Convertible” for Modern Day Parallels Julia Light How Louise Erdrich’s The Red Convertible, from the novel “LOVE MEDICINE” informs on modern Native American communities, and the ties between post-Vietnam PTSD and the cultural trauma and mental health crisis of the 21st century. I did research based on cultural trauma, seen through the failures of Western Medicine and the damages of historical assimilation when approaching PTSD. This remains an important topic as Native American communities are still marginalized and neglected. Verna Kale 15280
Reinventing Foundry in a Box for the 21st Century Jay Sim

Foundry in a Box is an education and outreach kit created by the American Foundry Society. However, it has not been updated in over 25 years and students still use hot molten tin to create simple sand molds. The purpose of this project is to develop an analogous fluid to molten metal by seeing how fluid flows inside a simple mold when the density and viscosity are varied. 

Guha Manogharan 16107
Remembering Harriet Tubman: A Rhetorical Analysis of the 2019 Film Harriet through Public Memory Dominique Hughes Using rhetorical analysis as a research method, I analyze the 2019 film Harriet, which tells the story of Harriet Tubman’s life and depicts the hegemonic system of slavery in the United States during 1849. I apply Blair, Dickinson, and Ott’s (2010) six assumptions of public memory to the film to examine the public memory of American slavery and how this public memory connects to present-day issues concerning systematic racism. Valerie Schrader 15364
Removal of Pharmaceuticals from Wastewater using Lab-Scale Columns Composed of Biochar and Zero Valent Iron (ZVI) Natasha Vozenilek Pharmaceuticals are emerging contaminants that often persist through wastewater treatment plants, and therefore are generally present in drinking water sources. These contaminants create threats to human health by consumption of contaminated water and food crops. The objective of this research is to investigate the potential for zero valent iron (ZVI) and biochar in removing six targeted pharmaceuticals (acetaminophen, ibuprofen, docusate, sulfapyridine, erythromycin and pseudoephedrine) from treated wastewater sources that are potentially reused for irrigation. Heather Preisendanz 14821
RSEC Gamma Facility Design Additions Rebecca Baker The RSEC Gamma Facility had to design new, adaptable instrumentation for their projects because they upgraded their irradiation capability. Designing new fixtures for individual project consumes time and money, therefore, fixtures were designed to hold various sample types, while still allowing the correct amount of exposure. These fixtures incorporate flexibility by using moveable components. A stakeholder was contacted to learn experimental/research needs. This presentation will walk through the designs and the philosophy behind them. Candace Davison 19918
Scaling laws for stagnant-lid convection with a buoyant crust Kyle Batra

On stagnant-lid planets, the crust is not recycled by subduction and can grow thick enough to significantly impact mantle convection. We perform numerical models of stagnant-lid convection to determine new scaling laws for convective heat flux that specifically account for the presence of a thick buoyant crustal layer, or the ``thick crust limit," where the crustal thickness determines mantle properties. We find that smaller planets are more likely to enter the thick crust limit.  

Bradford Foley 15132
Simulation Application for Emergency Evacuation Management on Open Street Networks Xiaoru Shi Cost-efficient and secure evacuation in open street networks are crucial during unpredicted emergency events. To plan for the best utilization of limited safe space and road capacity during evacuations, comprehensive and flexible simulation software is needed to enable user-designed simulation models that analyze a given evacuation plan’s effectiveness, considering different behavior and moving object interactions. This research conducts a case study with the campus of Penn State University in University Park to test this software. Hui Yang 15859
Single-Chain Polymer Nanoparticles as Photoredox Catalysts Matthew Schubach Single-chain polymer nanoparticles (SCNPs) are unique tools for improving catalysis, as they provide handles by which supramolecular effects can be controlled. By using SCNPs and polymers with an organic photoredox catalyst and an electron relay co-catalyst, the efficiency of [2+2] dimerization reactions was improved relative to the analogous small-molecule system. This work centers around characterizing these systems to inform the rational design of SCNPs as catalysts for directed applications in synthesis. Elizabeth Elacqua 16187
Social Media Impact on Gender Representation Zoe Bowerman The impact that social media has on perpetuating gender norms in society. Growing up on social media there has been a large increase in the younger generation’s representation of themselves online. Boys and girls often feel the need to meet gender stereotypes. Girls tend to post beautiful, planned out pictures of themselves, whereas men tend to look more aggressive/strong. Does social media encourage these gender representations? Does it fight against them?  Alicia Drais-Parrillo 15629
Social Orientations on Torture and the Death Penalty Jessica Garafalo This research investigates what, if any, moral disengagement factors influence an individual’s support of the use of torture and the death penalty. The methods used were Perspective-Taking Scale and Empathetic Concern of the Interpersonal Reactivity Index, Social Dominance Orientation Scale, and seven original vignettes to measure what scenarios people would justify the use of torture and the death penalty. The results show that empathy and support for torture and the death penalty are statistically significant. Alicia Drais- Parrillo 15776
Soil Extracts Produce Natural Products with Bactericidal Properties Against Deadly Pathogenic Bacteria Emily Mcnaughton As infections from antibiotic-resistant bacteria increase the discovery of new antibiotic has halted. If left unchecked, this imbalance could result in over ten million deaths annually by 2050. To address this issue, extracts from soil samples were screened for antibacterial properties, and their efficacy and mechanisms of action were determined. This screen isolated compounds with bactericidal activity against B. anthracis, E. coli, and P. aeruginosa, which present promising findings for combating these deadly pathogens. John Alumasa 15702
Solving for the Trajectories for a Monopole in a Singular Defect system Keaton Wright In this project, we analytically solve for the complete set of trajectories of one magnetic monopole in the presence of another, infinitely heavy, monopole, working in the context of a recently obtained collective coordinate model for the motion.  By integrating the equations of motion in all possible initial conditions, we determine the period of bound trajectories and the scattering angle for unbound trajectories and also generate three-dimensional simulations of the energy density during the motion. Andrew Royston 15796
Speaking from Eternity: Scriptural Interpretation in the Epistle to the Hebrews Taylor Slusser I argue that the interpretive method of the author of the Epistle to the Hebrews (New Testament) can be understood by viewing the Scriptures he comments on as principally a divine work. Accordingly, he views the content of the Old Testament as pre-existent and metaphysically prior to creation, thus mitigating the role of historical concerns in his interpretive method. Moreover, the pattern of “figural reading” he exhibits is paralleled by other Jewish and Christian authors. Daniel Falk 19750
Stability Analysis of SIRS-like Delayed Renewal Equations Madison Pratt

Infectious disease prevalence is controlled by an infection’s basic reproductive ratio, R0, defined by the number of secondary infections per individual. For many real-world diseases, infection prevalence is known to exhibit fluctuations overtime. We explore a set of renewal equations to study how delays in recovery and immunity, as well as changes in the R0 value, may contribute to oscillations of infection prevalence.

Timothy Reluga 22444
Starting Pitch Selection is Remarkably Precise in Singers Annie Liu The purpose of this study was to explore self-selected starting pitch in undergraduate non-music major choral singers among four well-known songs plus non-song vocal tasks. Performances indicated very small deviations in the median starting pitch for each criterion song (100-200 cents). Data indicated discrimination in starting pitch selection between songs. Active singers may place songs in the middle portion of the vocal range compared to the tendency toward lower range in non-singers in previous research. Bryan Nichols 20241
State Union Restrictiveness and Economic Development: An Analysis of State Union Policy Hannah Oleynik My research aims to explain the causes of variance between states in restrictiveness towards unions. Through examining political, economic, and demographic factors, I identify several predictors of overall restrictiveness towards unions: party control of government, state unemployment level, and border state restrictiveness. Additionally, my analysis finds that 2010 marked a shift in Republican priorities towards unions, with Republican control of state government becoming more important at this point.  Michael Berkman 15817
Status of the methylome in Solanum tuberosum tubers treated with sprout inhibitor 1,4-dimethylnaphthalene Emily Eiss The potato industry relies on sprout inhibitors like 1,4-dimethylnaphthalene (DMN) to maintain tuber dormancy during storage. DMN’s mechanism of inhibiting sprout growth is currently unknown; this study considered the epigenetic mechanism of DNA methylation as a possible connection between DMN and the changes in gene expression observed in potatoes after DMN exposure. Methylation rate and sites were compared between treatment and control potatoes, and genes possibly under the control of promoter methylation were identified. Michael Campbell 15687
Stigma of Mental Health in the Black Community Daniella Dorancy This study examined how young, non-religious Black people perceive mental health to determine if a stigma is held. A survey and interview analyzed participants knowledge, personal experiences, and beliefs on mental health. It was hypothesized that participants in this population do not have a stigma and hold positive perceptions towards mental health. Results indicated that this population does not hold a stigma due to their abundance of knowledge, use of services, and positive beliefs. Jessica Matsick 15666
Strain Diversity of Bioluminescence Genes in the squid-Vibrio Symbiosis Lizzie Giacobe Euyprmna scolopes harbors bacterial symbionts to utilize their light production. I investigated strain diversity in genes contributing to light production among coevolved symbionts isolated from an adult squid. After strains were isolated from the wild-caught squid, their genomes were sequenced. Using SnapGene, BLAST, NCBI, and Clustal Omega, I determined the extent of diversity in genes luxAB which encode for the heterodimer luciferse which is necessary for light production of the bacterial symbionts in the host. Tim Miyashiro 16100
Students Explore Student Engagement with PSU Libraries Ashley Hibbs and Kylie Kreitz

This poster will show how we have applied qualitative research methods to examine the impact of engagement on students and how entities like the library can foster relationships with engagement. We have analyzed literature surrounding student engagement and library space, held interviews with students and each other, and plan to analyze other students’ and our own engagement journeys through interviews, coding and writing our own academic analysis of our findings.

Hailley Fargo 19069
Studying the propulsion of particle adsorbed emulsion systems Leonardo Batista Capaverde Silva The self-propulsion of droplets in a liquid can lead to various applications, with one notable example being drug delivery methods that can target specific regions of our body such as tumors. In this research, a new way to boost the speed of the droplets is discovered, and the possible mechanisms - Marangoni flow enhancement due to partial particle blockage - behind this enhancement are hypothesized. Lauren Zarzar 16017
Supporting COVID-19 Supply Allocation through Visual Analytics Erica Mi

Since the rise in severity of the pandemic this past year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has faced medical device and supply shortages to accommodate patients in urgent care due to COVID-19. The United States prioritizes the effective distribution of supplies to high-risk areas. This research dives into data visualization design concepts behind self-generated Tableau dashboards to support decision points and reduce ambiguity, providing insight for COVID-19 supply allocation.

Guoray Cai 15170
SurReal: Surveying in Virtual Reality Joe Fioti and Donovan Gaffney

Surveying has traditionally been a very physical activity, requiring extensive outdoor labs to teach students different procedures. This is a problem when physical contact is not possible., such as during a pandemic, or when outdoor activity is not possible, due to inclement weather. We created a virtual system to solve these problems using virtual reality, providing an immersive lab experience to allow students to work together in a virtual environment.

Jeffery Chiampi 16014
Symbiotic V. fischeri strains engage in combat with different Type VI Secretion Systems Anjali Mcneil The Type VI Secretion System (T6SS) is a contact-dependent killing mechanism that facilitates interference competition between closely related strains of bacteria. Using the squid-vibrio symbiosis as a model for strain diversity, the study aimed to investigate the outcomes of the interaction between two T6SS-possessing strains of V. fischeri and to identify genetic factors that contribute to T6SS diversity within a single species. Tim Miyashiro 16020
Target Validation of Hydrazides Hannah Snoke Antibiotic resistance is an increasing public health issue that needs to be addressed. Hydrazine carbonothiols were previously shown to inhibit the ribosome rescue mechanism, trans-translation. The ribosomal protein L7/L12 was determined to be the molecular target of the hydrazides, as demonstrated by mass spectroscopy analysis and growth recovery experiments. These results suggest a new mechanism of action for trans-translation inhibitors in bacteria.   Kenneth Keiler 16144
TcyJ promoter mutations restore growth on LBS in ΔCysB V. fischeri mutants Emily Baker The bacteria Vibrio fischeri forms a symbiosis with Euprymna scolopes wherein the bacterial bioluminescence is used by the host to evade predators. In the host, V. fischeri growth on sulfur is controlled by CysB transcription. I hypothesize that mutations in the tcyJ promoter of ΔcysB mutants restore growth on sulfur independently of CysB transcription. This investigation will lead to a better understanding of alternative gene regulation in the fields of microbiology and genetics. Tim Miyashiro 16115
The 21st Century American Musical Theatre: Issues of Representation Onstage and Off Frederick Miller The COVID-19 pandemic has shuttered theaters, granting space to reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re going. In my Students Teaching Students course this spring, I responded to calls for more equitable and inclusive theatre making practices by exploring the 21st century American Musical Theatre in search of an answer to questions being asked: whose stories are we telling and who is telling them? Jeanmarie Higgins 15970
The C.R.E.A.T.E. Approach: Does Introducing Primary Literature Analysis Impact Religiosity and Academic Self-Efficacy? Carrie Mcmahon and Gillian Capichioni

Pre- and post-data from 16 students who took a “primary literature” course revealed positive associations between changes in Social Science Efficacy, Natural Science Efficacy, and Religiosity. The .70 correlation between SSE and NSE changes suggested improving self-efficacy in one science may positively impact confidence in another. Changes in SSE and religiosity were also substantially correlated (r=.48). Finally, initial self-competence levels predict gains over time. Students high on initial NSE gained the most self-efficacy overall.

Cathleen Hunt 15236