Harman Singh

Project Title: 
Examining the complex nature of flooding in Kerala through a mixed-method approach
Project Description: 
My project started as a remote sensing class final in 2018 and I saw its potential to be a research paper. Now it draws on research from socio-political geography to examine the relationship between government institutions and people during natural disasters in Kerala, India. This mixed-method study utilizes remote sensing data from CHIRPS and Landsat; interviews with government officials; analysis of policy documents, and publicly available newspapers and social media. The following three questions inform this research: 1) what factors are causing flooding; 2) what are the government and public’s responses to flooding, especially given its increased frequency over the past few years; and 3) how are these factors understood in flood management policy and sustainable infrastructure?
Dr. Helen Greatrex and Dr. Trevor Birenholtz
Sustainability Leadership
University Park