Cognition, Affect, and Temperament (CAT) Lab Undergraduate Research Assistant Position

The CAT Lab is seeking undergraduate research assistants (URAs) to assist with studies related to the relationship between early temperament, emotion, and visual attention. Our research focuses on the ways in which emotion and attention interact to shape how individuals navigate their social world. We do this through biological measures, self-report questionnaires, and observations of behavior in our laboratory. Current projects focus on parent-to-child anxiety transmission, different pre- and post-natal influences on children and babies' development, and socioemotional processes underlying social interactions in emerging adulthood. We offer opportunities to work with families in a research setting, collect and code data, and assist in participant recruitment. URAs in the CAT Lab will also learn about the day-to-day procedures of a lab and a research study.

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University Park
Work Setting(s): 
On campus
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Description of responsibilities and minimum qualifications: 

URAs will be expected to commit between 3-9 hours/week. Potential responsibilities include:

  • Assisting with eye-tracking, fNIRS, EEG and RSA data collection
  • Interviewing families
  • Behavioral coding
  • Processing of physiological data
  • Recruitment
  • Scheduling families
Available Term(s): 
Fall, Spring, Summer, Academic Year
Position Type(s): 
Credit, Volunteer
Number of positions available: 
Application Instructions: 

Students interested in joining the CAT Lab can complete this application:

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Last Updated: 
October 5, 2023