Soros Fellowship for New Americans


The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans program honors the contributions of immigrants and children of immigrants to the United States. Each year, Soros invests in the graduate education of 30 New Americans—immigrants and children of immigrants—who are poised to serve as leading and influential figures and make significant contributions to US society, culture or their academic field. Soros Fellows receive up to $90,000 in financial support over two years, and they join a lifelong community of New American Fellows.


  • New American status
  • Senior, recent alumnus/a, first-, or second-year graduate student
  • Under the age of 31 years old
  • Demonstrate creativity, originality and initiative in one or more aspects of your life, as well as a commitment to and capacity for accomplishment that has required drive and sustained effort

Application Materials:

  • A completed application
  • Two essays, one on your experiences as a New American and the other on your (proposed) graduate program and school, as well as near-term career-related activities and goals (one thousand words each)
  • Three letters of recommendation (guidance here)
  • Test scores (if required for admission to your graduate program)
  • Exhibits (optional)
  • Curriculum vitae or resume
  • Transcripts

Application Procedure: 

While this scholarship does not require office involvement, we highly encourage applicants to notify the office by email ( to allow us to help them prepare their written materials before the national deadline in October.

National Application Deadline – October 26, 2023 

Applications must be submitted directly using the online application system.

Year at Time of Application: 
Senior or Beyond, Grad Student, Recent Alum
Duration of Award: 
None (Award Only)
First-Generation American, Non-U.S. Citizen
Direct Submission
Area of Interest: 
Agricultural Sciences, Business, Communications and Journalism, Education, Engineering, Environmental and Geosciences, Life Sciences, Humanities, Information Technology and Computer Science, International Relations Political Science and Law, Mathematics, Nursing and Health Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Statistics
Earliest Application Deadline: 
Sept. – Dec.
Penn-State Sponsored: 
Fellowship Components: 
Graduate School