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Communications Undergraduate Research Assistant for the Rural Health Disparities Lab

The Rural Health Disparities Lab in the Department of Biobehavioral Health is currently recruiting one undergraduate research assistant. Below is a description of the positions. Those interested in applying should request an application form from Dr. Rhubart at dcr185@psu.edu. Applications received by January 29th will be given priority.

Communications Undergraduate Research Assistant (UGRA):

This unpaid UGRA position...

Social and Behavioral Sciences
January 24, 2022 January 22, 2022
Heterocyclic Organic Chemistry

Our research is the synthesis and chemistry of 1,3-thiaza-4-ones, organic heterocycles that contain nitrogen and sulfur. We are very interested in the bioactivity of these compounds, and collaborators have studied the antiparasitic, antifungal, insecticidal, and herbicidal effects of these compounds. More information can be found here: https://sites.psu.edu/leejsilverberg/research/

Physical Sciences
On campus
January 20, 2022 January 20, 2022
Undergraduate Research Assistant in Chemistry Education Research

Dr. Eshani Lee is searching for research assistants to support a National Science Foundation funded project examining how to equitably assess students in chemistry.

This work is in the interdiscplinary field of Chemistry Educational Research that combines expertise in chemistry and education.

Candidates will learn how to participate in NSF-funded ongoing research projects, present at local and national conferneces and publish in peer-reviewed journals.

Physical Sciences
January 12, 2022 January 12, 2022
Caring patients with opioid use disorder in low resource settings

Living with opioid use disorder can have profound effects on people's mental health and well-being, which is poorly understood by the public. This research project aims to study opioid use disorder (OUD) as a social and health crisis, which will reveal the links between the economic well-being of the patients and their opioid use disorder. The goal is to to uncover key economic determinants and other underlying social factors that contribute to addiction vulnerability. The findings contribute to better healthcare to those with OUD as the results may lead to more effective prevention strategies and improved patient care outcomes, which are particularly critical for patients with low income and limited resources.

Communications and Journalism, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Credit, Paid, Volunteer
Community-based, On campus
January 7, 2022 January 24, 2022
Self-care interventions for mental health management

Facilitating mental health interventions can be a beneficial supplement to college students' mental health management. This research project will go beyond identifying distress, anxiety or depression in college students and work out self-care interventions to help college students to reduce or eliminate the chronicity and severity of mental health disorders. A set of 5 communication interventions, or the "Joy Pie" strategies, were designed to empower students in managing mental health challenges. One undergradute student who shows an intense interest in social science research is encouraged to apply for joining our team in Spring 2022.

Communications and Journalism, Education, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Paid, Volunteer
On campus
January 7, 2022 January 31, 2022
Avian Ecology Research

The Cornell lab is broadly interested in how an animal's behavior, physiology, and environment interrelate. Our study system is nest box-breeding wild birds, primarily Eastern bluebirds, house wrens, and tree swallows. Our field sites are located at the University Park Campus and laboratory facilities at the Altoona Campus. Students can participate in lab work, field work, and/or data analysis. Lab members who participate in research for > 1 year are expected to develop an independent project, present their work at a professional conference, and potentially co-author a publication in a scientific journal. Students interesting in gaining experience capturing and handling wild birds should note that this work only takes place during the spring and summer months.

Students can...

Life Sciences
Credit, Paid, Variable, Volunteer
On campus, Variable
January 7, 2022 October 8, 2021
Cognitive Development Research Project

At the Brandywine Child Development Lab at Penn State Brandywine, we have two main areas of research. First, we ask questions about how kids learn about the world around them by developing fun games to help us explore what kids know about objects, numbers, and language. Second, we ask about the impact of technology on infants, toddlers, and parent-child relationships. We have a number of behavioral studies that examine cognitive development in children from 6 months-5 years. Undergraduates in the lab work hands-on with children in the on-campus lab and at "Living Lab" locations in children's museums and local libraries. Through this lab experience, student researchers obtain a well-rounded understanding of cognitive development research. Note that there are also all virtual...

Education, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Credit, Volunteer
Community-based, On campus, Remote, Variable
December 6, 2021 January 1, 2018
Pennsylvanian's Engagement in Interactive Online Gaming

The Survey Research Center is collecting data for the Pennsylvania Interactive, Online Gaming Annual Study, a state-wide study to assess impacts of interactive, online gaming in Pennsylvania. The study is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs. It has been designed to provide accurate, reliable, and representative data on Pennsylvanian's interactive online gaming engagement. Residents across Pennsylvania (PA) have an equal chance of being selected to participate in this telephone survey that allows participants to share their experiences with interactive, online gaming, better known as online gambling. The project incorporates yearly data collection and includes an annual report of the findings. Since PA recently legalized online gaming, we are in a...

Social and Behavioral Sciences
On campus, Remote
December 1, 2021 December 1, 2021
#HereToo Theatre & Activism Project

#HereToo amplifies young activists' voices through performance. With a two-pronged approach, we:

  1. gather stories from activists and survivors of gun violence;
  2. archive and share these stories with theatre makers who, in turn, make devised performances about gun culture as it impacts their own communities.

This online summer internship begins a new phase of the project, that is, to archive the interviews already conducted in collaboration with the Penn State Libraries, and to produce a podcast of interviews of young activists by young people (our interns).

We are seeking interns with interest in learning about one or more of the following areas: new works dramaturgy, library science, podcast production, and/or journalism. Those with an active activist...

Visual and Performing Arts
Credit, Paid
Community-based, On campus
November 20, 2021 June 1, 2020
Human Language Technologies Lab

Natural language is integral to how we communicate, synthesize, and store information. My lab focuses on solving problems to enable computers to do meaningful work with large volumes of natural language text. We apply methods from natural language processing (NLP) to a variety of domains, including digital privacy, online social networks, web science, and digital libraries. For more information, visit https://shomir.net.

Information Technology and Computer Science
On campus
November 20, 2021 September 30, 2019