This page offers an overview of the many programs our office supports. Whether you are a first- or second-year student looking to learn more about fellowship opportunities relevant to you, wanting to become a research ambassador, or apply for travel funds, this page will introduce relevant opportunities.

Visit Spark Program page to learn more about our fellowship's development program offered to first- and second-year students. We offer an in-person session and a virtual session each semester.

Have you been involved in research for 2 semesters or longer? Do you want to be a peer mentor and help other students like you get involved in research? Apply to become an Undergraduate Research Ambassador today!

Interested in being paid to conduct an independent research project of your own design? Consider applying for the Erickson Discovery Grant! This opportunity is available to all undergraduates who will be returning to campus for at least one more semester after being awarded the grant.

Have you been conducting cool research and want to share your results or process with others? Apply to the Undergraduate Exhibition to showcase your work! Each spring students present a poster, an oral presentation, or a performance to communicate their research efforts.

Are you attending a regional, national or international conference and need help funding this opportunity? Apply for the Undergraduate Research Conference Presentation Support! Awards of up to $400 are available for students. Applications can be submitted through InfoReady.