We can help you develop your academic, intellectual, and personal interests beyond Penn State by introducing you to relevant fellowship opportunities and supporting you through the application process.

Want to know what a fellowship is? Wonder whether you are eligible to apply?

Visit our Understanding Fellowships section where we have listed our most commonly asked questions and their answers.

Looking to find a fellowship that is right for you?

Browse the Major Fellowship Opportunities section where you can find a list of the fellowships that we coordinate and their descriptions. You can also browse through our Fellowships Search to see what other opportunities are available.

Need help getting your thoughts down on paper?

Review our Getting Started section for an overview of what you expect and suggestions on how to start the writing process. Here, we also explain why many of our primary opportunities are often accompanied by a campus deadline.

Want to learn more about fellowships over dinner with your peers?

Look into the Spark Program. Select first- and second-year undergraduates will have the opportunity to learn about high impact educational experiences, campus resources, and fellowship opportunities, while providing them with the tools to develop competitive fellowship applications.

Looking for other support or guidance?

Be sure to consider the following tools and resources listed in the Getting Help section.