Funding an Experience

Participation in undergraduate research and creative activity can take on any of the following forms

  • Course credit – You can earn credits by taking a research-based course or working with a faculty member and enrolling in a research project. To earn credit, you will want to talk with your research mentor and/or academic adviser in order to complete the necessary paperwork.
  • Paid – If a faculty member or department has funding available, you might be paid for your work. If you have received a federal work-study (FWS) award, tell your mentor! Your mentor can work with the Office of Student Aid so that you earn work-study wages for your work on a research project or team.
  • Grant funding – If you are conducting your own project rather than joining an existing project, there may be grants available that can support the costs associated with your research or creative activity. For example, the Erickson Discovery Grants fund student-initiated projects over the summer, and the Student Engagement Network funds engagement experiences, including undergraduate research and unpaid internships. Individual departments, colleges, and campuses may also have grant funding available. Please visit the Getting Help section for campus-specific resources.
  • Volunteer – If earning course credit is not important or being paid is not an option, you can gain research experience by volunteering for a project or team. Be sure to still include your participation on your résumé!