Assessment of the Effects of Intrauterine Dextrose Infusion After Calving on Uterine Health, Metabolic Stress, Systemic Inflammation and Daily Milk Yield in Post-partum Dairy Cows

by Hailey Mattice
The objective was to assess the effects of intrauterine dextrose infusion after calving on uterine health, metabolic stress, and inflammation in dairy cows. Cows (n=135) were randomly assigned to groups: SAL: intrauterine infusion of saline solution; DEX: intrauterine infusion of 50% dextrose solution, or CON: untreated. Uterine health and blood metabolites were assessed at 7, 14 and 21 d after. SAL cows had higher clinical metritis incidence and metabolic stress and inflammation at day 7
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