Flow-induced crystallization of polymers

Semi-crystalline polymers are a very important class of engineering thermoplastic. When subjected to flow, the polymer chains get stretched and crystallize more readily. We try to understand this flow-induced crystallization using AFM, calorimetry, optical microscopy, rheology and X-ray scattering experiments. Ongoing polymer crystallization projects include polyethylene, polypropylene, poly(ethylene oxide), poly(ether ether ketone), and polyamides.

University Park
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On campus
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We ask that students commit to 10 hours/week in the lab. All students are welcome to join (even Freshmen) and the sooner you start the more you can do!

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Please e-mail your CV with some information about your interests to Prof Colby at colby@matse.psu.edu

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November 13, 2023