Daniel Zahn

Daniel Zahn, from Allentown, PA, is a 2019 Penn State nominee for the Truman Scholarship. During his time at Penn State, he has conducted linguistics research with Professor Katharina Schuhmann, interned at the Lehigh County Office of the District Attorney, and served as a speaking mentor with the Penn State Undergraduate Speaking Center, all while working towards majors in English, Philosophy, and Communication Arts & Sciences and minors in French, History, Linguistics, Rhetoric, and Jewish Studies.

Even with his broad background, he emphasizes the value of the experience of applying for the Truman. “The application process taught me more about myself than I realized. It allowed me to see the narrative that I am crafting with my studies and activities, as well as forcing me to realize how my involvements support my passions and future goals.” In the meantime, Daniel keeps busy with the Penn State Mock Trial Association, the University Park Undergraduate Association, the Presidential Leadership Academy, and F.O.R.M. Consulting, a mentorship program for underrepresented students navigating the college application process.

Majors in English, Philosophy, and Communication Arts & Sciences
Year of Graduation: 
2018-2019 University nominee for the Truman Scholarship