Taylor Baum

Taylor Baum, of Hollidaysburg, said she would like to conduct research on the intersection between neuroscience and electrical engineering and improve the understanding of methods to interface with the brain using technology.

The Schreyer Scholar is a senior double-majoring in biology and electrical engineering. She also is the recipient of the Madden Honors Scholarship, the Doris N. McKinstry Scholarship and the Sinha Family Trustee Scholarship.

"Research can feel unrewarding for it is an incredibly slow and difficult process," Baum said. "Receiving honors like the Astronaut Scholarship provides justification for my research efforts; others see that I am willing to endure the process in order to discover and create. But this feeling of justification soon turns into inspiration. Because others believe in me, I now have a duty to maintain a caliber of research that is worth believing in."

Majors in Biology, Electrical Engineering
Year of Graduation: 
2017-2018 Goldwater Scholarship
Astronaut Scholarship