Undergraduate Research Conference Travel Support

New as of 2021-22: We will only be accepting applications requesting $300 or more. If you are seeking less than $300 please contact your department/campus/college to seek funding directly

If you are presenting the results of your research or creative work at domestic or international professional conferences, you may request financial support to defray the costs of attendance at the conference.

If the request is approved, the costs will be equally split among the student's college of enrollment dean's office, the Office of Undergraduate Education, the sponsoring academic department and, if applicable, the Schreyer Honors College. The contribution from the Office of Undergraduate Education is capped at $400 per student for a domestic conference and $500 for an international conference. You must be a conference presenter to be eligible for Undergraduate Education funding and the presentation must be related to your academic program.

Please submit only one application for each presentation. If there are multiple undergraduate presenters for a project, please complete only one application (under the name of one of the student presenters) and add the names of co-presenters in the area designated on the application for additional participants.

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REMINDER: Group presentations should be submitted as one application under the name of one of the presenters with additional students listed in the designated section. These applications will be considered for awards based on the costs for the entire group of students to attend. Group applications should include shared housing and travel costs whenever possible to create economical use of limited funding. The contribution from Undergraduate Education will not exceed the caps referenced above for each travelling student.

Questions or comments about the application or related procedures should be directed to the Office of Undergraduate Education at undergrad@psu.edu or (814) 863-1864.