Liver-transplant patient demographic info can help predict hospital readmission

The age, sex, and other demographic information about a patient can be used to predict whether they will need to be readmitted following a liver transplant, according to new research. Brittany Damazio led the research as an undergraduate student in Penn State’s Department of Health Policy and Administration during the pandemic.

Electrical engineering student named fall 2022 engineering student marshal

Lixian Yan has been named the fall 2022 student marshal for the Penn State College of Engineering. She will receive her bachelor of science degree with a double major in electrical engineering from the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science within the College of Engineering and in physics (electronics option) from the Eberly College of Science. Yan attended Penn State Abington before transitioning to the University Park campus.

Honors Scholars students at Penn State DuBois present research project progress

The first senior class of the Honors Scholars program at Penn State DuBois recently presented their in-process research projects to the campus community.

Penn State Fayette announces Fall 2022 Learning Fair winners

Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus, has announced the winners of the Fall 2022 Learning Fair. The event was held on Dec. 8 in the auxiliary gym.

World Campus students, faculty publish business research chapters

Three Penn State World Campus students recently published a peer-reviewed chapter about ethics and technology around facial recognition and radio frequency tracking with the guidance of business faculty members.

Criminal justice student wins sociology research competition

Criminal justice major Rachel Kosaka took home top prize in the undergraduate student poster competition at the Pennsylvania Sociological Society’s annual meeting held Nov. 4-5.

Erickson Discovery Grant application now open for summer 2023

Penn State undergraduates from all academic fields and campuses can apply for an Erickson Discovery Grant to fund student-initiated projects during summer 2023. 

Commonwealth Campus collaboration leads to first publication for Altoona student

Jazzmine McCauley recently published an article in “International Journal for Students as Partners,” an interdisciplinary journal devoted to scholarly research on students, faculty, and staff working in partnership to enhance learning and teaching in higher education.

Sawfish fossils suggest teeth likely evolved from body scales in ancient fish

Scientists have long debated the origins of teeth. Did they evolve from body scales that migrated into the mouths of ancient vertebrates and became adapted for eating — an idea known as the "outside-in" hypothesis? Or did they evolve independent of scales, originating deep within the oral cavity and ultimately mounting onto the jaws — known as the "inside-out" hypothesis? A new study by scientists at Penn State provides evidence for the "outside-in" hypothesis.

Senior Ellie Kim earns Astronaut Scholarship

Penn State senior Ellie Kim has received a 2022 Astronaut Scholarship, which provides $15,000 toward education for careers in engineering, math or natural or applied sciences research. Kim, of State College, Pennsylvania, is a Schreyer Scholar majoring in general music (piano) and biochemistry and molecular biology.